Shazam Gets Improved Search & Faster Song Recognition


Shazam is one of those apps which has become a mainstay in the app industry and seeing an increasing level of popularity and usage. For instance, the service reportedly is used by more than 120 million active users each month and is used over 20 million times a day. Basically, if you are listening to a song that you hear somewhere and you can't ask someone for the name of the song, just open the app and it will help you recognize the song. Some time ago, all you would get back in return was the name of the song and the artist, maybe even the album where you could find the song, but Shazam has been improving over time and now you can get additional information like the song's lyrics, the artist's biography, their top tracks and even options for some music stores where you can stream or purchase the song.

Now, Shazam has been updated to recognize songs faster and more accurately, "We're always trying to improve the Shazam experience, both on the front-end and the back-end, but this update represents the biggest-to-date changes to our core algorithm." said Rich Riley to show their commitment towards music recognition. While there has always been a search function, it was not very visible, but now they have integrated it in the home page. Users can now search for any artist or song, and from within the results, users will be able to follow artists to see what they're up to right from the homescreen. The company launched a program for Verified Artists, so users can see what their favorite artists are listening to or new music that they are discovering. The program has over 600 verified artists who have over 2 billion followers collectively.


The update also simplified the process of sharing a song to your contacts, as icons of the most used apps for sharing like messaging services or Bluetooth connectivity will appear on the results page of the song, so now this function is just one tap away. Be sure to check for the update in the Google Play Store if you have yet to see the app be updated on your device.

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