Samsung Details Useful Scenarios For The Galaxy View


The sales of tablets have been declining over time, the reason might be that these devices don't change as much from one generation to another, so consumers don't see enough reasons to upgrade. Some companies have been making tablets with larger screens and very powerful internals with the intention of replacing the functionality of a laptop. Samsung recently took a different approach and released an extra-large tablet with an 18.4-inch screen, but its specs belong to a mid-range device, so it's built for media consumption rather than being a powerhouse with a large screen. The tablet was priced a little high at launch, so a price reduction was available a few days later. Still, its price might not be the biggest issue, as people seem to be having a hard time finding scenarios where this particular tablet might be useful.

The design includes a handle that makes it easier to transport the tablet and there's also an integrated stand, so users can rest it on a surface at different angles. Now it's time for Samsung to explain the design and some of the uses of the Galaxy View. The company is calling this device a "movable display device" (or just "movable"), meaning that it looks like an all-in-one PC, but it's lighter, so it can be transported anywhere so users can watch their favorite content. "We wanted to create a device with a large, captivating screen, and with all the versatility and connectivity of a mobile device. If TVs are fixed, and tablet PCs are portable, then the Galaxy View lies in between: a movable," said Hogon Kim, Manager of Product Strategy Team, Mobile & IT Communications Business. So basically, they wanted to create a device that offered the benefits of a TV combined with the portability of a mobile device.


Apparently, they designed the tablet to be used at arm's length and that's why they optimized the software removing elements that would require operation with a fine touch, but the company released an app to control the tablet remotely with a smartphone. Samsung believes that people could use this kind of portability as they no longer stay at a fixed place, for example, someone could clean their room, cook or wash dishes while enjoying their favorite movie or TV series at all time. The two-way stand makes it even more versatile as it can rest on a variety of surfaces and the speakers fire sideways, improving the sound quality. UX designers partnered with media content providers to offer a custom experience for each specific country and adjust to regional regulations.

The Family Square can be used to leave notes or reminders so that family members can communicate better, plus photos and videos can be used to complement their messages and they can even doodle and share drawings. A mobile app is also available and it will sync with the one on the Galaxy View, so families can communicate with this device remotely. Skype will look great on the larger tablet allowing even older users to appreciate what's being displayed and the Full HD front camera is meant to provide a similar experience as if they were talking face to face. Gaming is another integral part of the Galaxy View, that's why the company created the S Console interface with 100 highlighted game titles and with the S Console Gamepad app, a smartphone can be used to play games. In addition to using it at home, Samsung believes that it could be useful on the outdoors as well, perhaps it could be useful in camping trips or tailgating as its battery lasts for 8 hours of video playback. Plus, it could be a useful educational tool. The Galaxy View has been released in the US, Canada, Singapore and the Netherlands, but it will be available later on in more regions around the globe.

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