Samsung Gear VR To Get Richer 360 Degree Facebook Content


Samsung's recent Gear VR platform, meant to offer a richer VR experience than previous efforts like Google's Cardboard while not pricing the hardware out of most people's reach, doesn't have all that much specialized content just yet. Most of the available content is either rehashes of existing content or the simple addition of VR compatibility. Some providers seek to change that with unique 360 degree content like games and videos with interactive perspective based on the orientation of the headset and other variables. Facebook, as it turns out, is set to be one of the companies leading the charge for richer new content handcrafted for VR.

Along with immersive content from providers, Facebook has created an immersive VR version of their website, with VR ads to complete the experience coming soon. Inking deals with various content providers such as Nickeloden, Disney and Buzzfeed, along with revamping their site, seems to only be the tip of the iceberg. Facebook is introducing new tools when uploading videos that make 360 degree videos easier to create, curate and set properly for optimal viewing. Facebook is also approaching camera makers who have apps or even special hardware for 360 degree shooting and asking to have options built in that would make sharing created content to Facebook quick and easy.


It should be noted that the push for the Gear VR platform is primarily due to deals struck with Samsung, however most of the richer 360 degree VR content will work with other solutions such as Google Cardboard and the once Facebook-owned Oculus Rift. The new content will also show some love to the iPhone, naturally. The universal appeal begs the question of what, if any, exclusive content may be coming to Samsung's VR solution. Nothing concrete has been announced yet as far as content details or release dates, but the content will likely begin rolling out soon and move gradually from the simpler things like better sharing of 360 degree videos to more complex things, like a UI overhaul for the site and premium content from providers and partners. This, of course, is only the beginning of the VR revolution on the web front, which some have said will end up bigger than the smartphone trend.

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