Samsung Aims To Include Premium Features In Affordable Phones

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Samsung might be the number one smartphone OEM in the world, but their device aren’t exactly the cheapest around. Even the company’s low and mid-range devices are oftenly more expensive than similarly-specced one from a number of other OEMs out there. Well, it seems like Samsung is trying to change things around, and offer more for the money you’re paying them, at least according to the latest report coming from South Korea, read on.

According to the source, Samsung plans to release low and mid-range handsets with premium features in the future. This Korea-based company plans to include fingerprint sensors and Samsung Pay in some of their lower-end devices, which wasn’t the case thus far. “Samsung is planning to deploy fingerprint sensors in budget smartphone models,” said an industry source. A number of Samsung-branded devices currently sport a fingerprint scanner, but those are mainly their premium offerings and some devices from the mid-range ‘Galaxy A’ line of devices. Now, according to the report, Samsung is having some issues along the way. They’re trying to keep these phones affordable, and pack quite a few interesting features in them, which is a bit of a challenge for Samsung it seems.

So, why is Samsung doing this? Well, the company actually holds quite a significant market share in emerging markets, and is trying to keep it that way. As you probably know, the competition is quite fierce, mainly because Chinese OEMs keep pushing prices down. One analyst from Samsung Securities, Hwang Min-sung, is confident that Samsung will include Samsung Pay in pretty much every smartphone they release (except maybe the extremely low-end ones), it’s in Samsung’s best interest after all.

In addition to all this, yesterday’s report said that Samsung is preparing a high-end Tizen smartphone, which is also interesting. All in all, this Korea-based tech giant is looking to up the ante a little bit, and there’s nothing wrong with that, of course. It remains to be seen how much will these low and mid-range devices cost in the end, which we’ll find out in the coming months, hopefully. Stay tuned for additional news, we’ll report back soon.