Rumor: Google Is Considering Building Their Own Phone


When it comes to the Nexus range of smartphones, these are largely considered to be Google phones. This is largely in part due to the interaction and involvement that Google has with the Nexus range. Not to mention, that these phones come with the very latest and complete stock version of Android running on them. However, when it comes to the hardware, these are third party manufactured devices and how much input Google really has on what hardware is included, how it looks, how it is built and so on, is anybody's guess.

This third party association has struck up many fruitful relationships and the number of LG Nexus devices that have come through is testament to the sort of relationship that can be achieved. However, that has not stopped the Android community wondering whether Google should start to consider building their own devices. A true Google Phone, with their software and their sole vision of the hardware.


Well a report coming out of The Information this afternoon is suggesting that this is exactly what Google is contemplating right now. The report does not detail any specifics, or even note whether this is likely to come to fruition. Instead, the report highlights the fact that Google is looking into this and contemplating whether or not to embark on their own original devices going forward. In many ways, this would make Google somewhat like Apple, with the level of control over their device(s) ranging from the inside through to the outside. Essentially, creating a fully independent and single-minded handset. In fact, some of the assertions made by the report is that Google is viewing this as a move which could place them in more direct competition with Apple. Presumably, as they would be able to offer a full product, software and hardware wise.

Of course, being a real viable alternative to Apple will mean that Google needs to ensure that it has the potential to shift enough devices of their homegrown phone. Which is currently something that is unclear. While the Android community might feel that a true Google experience device would be a good device to own, it is difficult to know whether the wider smartphone market would pick up on such a device and especially without the likes of a Samsung, an LG, a HTC or similar branded name attached. Of course, unlike Apple, Google will still be offering consumers a choice of Android devices by offering out their software to all other manufacturers as open source. The rumored Google phone, would be just that, a Google Phone.

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