Report: Samsung To Release An Affordable Fitness Tracker

AH GearFit 91

A lot of companies have released their fitness tracker offerings in 2015, and the latest one is Xiaomi. This China-based smartphone OEM has released their 2nd-gen Mi Band fitness tracker quite recently, and not only does it offer a heart rate monitor this time around, but is still extremely affordable, it costs only $15. That being said, there are a lot of other companies which manufacture fitness trackers, like Misfit for example. Well, it seems like Samsung is looking to release yet another fitness tracker out in the market, and this time around it will be really affordable, read on.

Samsung’s previous fitness trackers were either mid-range or high-end, and such was their price, but this one will reportedly going to be different. The SM-R150 is allegedly the model number of the upcoming fitness tracker, and Samsung calls it ‘Triathlon’ internally. As a reminder, the model number of Gear Fit is SM-R350, so this is definitely some sort of a fitness tracker Samsung is planning to release. Samsung might be aiming at the Xiaomi Mi Band with this fitness tracker, though it will hardly be nearly as affordable as Xiaomi’s offering is. It will surely going to be interesting to see how affordable will this fitness tracker be, one thing is for sure, it will be the most affordable Samsung-branded fitness tracker to date.

The company already has their S Health app pre-installed on their devices which is focused on staying fit basically, so we assume this fitness tracker will have strong integration with that particular app. Non-Samsung smartphones can also use the app, so this fitness tracker will probably be compatible with Android-powered devices, though it’s unlikely Samsung will make it affordable with iOS handsets as well. At the moment, we really don’t have all that much info when it comes to this device, only what SamMobile released. We do hope that additional info will be released soon, perhaps even a render of the device, who knows. Either way, as soon as something useful pops up, we’ll make sure to let you know, as always, so stay tuned for that.