Relive Classic Racing Magic With 'Horizon Chase'

If you're a fan of racing games and grew up in the 80's and 90's, then you are most certainly familiar with titles like Pole Position, Rush, and Outrun. If you've been yearning for something classic and nostalgic like those games on your mobile device, the wait is over thanks to the recently released Horizon Chase, described as a "love letter" to classic 80's and 90's racers. The game first appeared on iOS not too long ago, and now you can pick it up on Android and test out the first bit of the game for free. if you enjoy it so much you find it difficult to put it down, you can buy the full game with a one-time IAP.

Horizon Chase takes the classic 16-bit graphics from those old-style racing titles and gives them quite the facelift  with much beautification, reimagining the wonderful arcade hits that many people used to play at home or at the actual arcades. Past the free trial version (which includes five tracks), buying the full game unlock all 73 tracks as well as every single car to use with 16 total. You will still have to unlock these through game progression of course, but that ability is there in the paid version where it is not in the free trial. The game also features vehicle upgrades so you can make your cars go faster, because it wouldn't be a racing game if you didn't have some ability to tweak and tinker with your rides.

All 73 tracks are spread across a total of 8 racing cups, and there is a collection of 32 locale with tons of gorgeous scenery. What might entice plenty of gamers is the amount of controls types that are available for the game. Many mobile gamers aren't fond of the touch controls most games offer, and Horizon Chase has taken this into consideration and introduced a total of seven input methods of control support, including compatibility with Bluetooth gamepads so you can play with traditional controls if you wish. If you need a little taste of your childhood in the palm of your hands, you can grab the game to try it out for free from the button below.

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