Reading This On The Toilet? Try The App ‘Pooductive’

November 22, 2015 - Written By Daniel Fuller

If you’re reading this article on your smartphone, there’s a decent chance you’re reading it while on the toilet. Using your smartphone or tablet to pass the time while taking care of business is no new or uncommon phenomena, but to say there aren’t very many apps made just for pooping would be putting it very nicely. Indeed, it is commonplace in this day and age for people to check their Facebook, draft up term papers and catch up on their Netflix while on the toilet, instead of using apps designed around the task of dropping a deuce rather than tolerant of it. Enter Pooductive. This social networking and gaming app is specially made for forging connections between two souls trapped in the same place; the loo. This makes it quite like other social networks, just a hair more honest and focused.

Rather than the full spectrum of social connectivity bells and whistles, such as video chatting, pictures and tagging friends, Pooductive sticks to the absolute basics with just a few small frills for obvious reasons. The functions are simple, but effective and quite targeted. You can chat with fellow poopers from the local area, globally and even specifically those going through the dual pains of pooping and stressing over upcoming university finals. As far as games to play together, those in the know about what to do while they go can enjoy a game of Tic Tac Toe or rousing puzzle game 2048. Users(see what I did there?) can also add friends within the app to chat more with in the future. The chat functionality does not include picture or video chatting for, again, what are obvious reasons.

Pooductive has a few noble goals, namely and first off, to tackle the crushing boredom we all face at least a few times a week. The app also aims to pioneer a very niche software market for smartphones. Noblest of all, with Pooductive on your phone, it is now no longer sleazy or trashy, and only a little weird, to enjoy a moment of zen with complete strangers while your pants are down.