Pushbullet Pro Is A Paid Version With Additional Features

Pushbullet Pro

Pushbullet is a very successful app that allows users to see some information from their smartphone in their computers. Files can be sent from the connected devices wirelessly and users can even send a receive SMS from their computers and there is end-to-end encryption to make it more secure. Notifications can also be seen in the computer and they even include some interactions that would normally be seen in the phone. The Channels section is meant to alert users when something interesting might come up. Pushbullet is available in many platforms including mobile devices, browsers and desktops. The app has always been free, but now, an optional paid version called Pushbullet Pro is available offering “features worth paying for”.

Sadly, some of the features that were available in the free version will now be integrated into the Pro version. The creators of the app decided to take this approach instead of including ads and sell data to make money to keep things going, as this would hurt the overall experience that users have come to love. They hope that users would subscribe to the Pro version to show their appreciation for the features they offer and support them for further improvements including “additional features, increased reliability, support for more platforms, deeper integrations, more API support, additional privacy options, and much more”.

Those interested can sign up for a Pro account right now, but they won’t be charged until December 1st, that’s the date when some of the features they currently offer for free will be part of the paid version. As for the pricing, the subscription for the Pro version will cost $4.99 per month or you could save some money by paying yearly at $39.99, that’s like paying $3.33 per month. The differences between both versions are that users will be able to send files up to 1 GB on the Pro version vs files up to 25 MB on the free version, Pro subscribers also get more storage space as they get 100 GB contrasted with the 2 GB from the free version. Sending messages (SMS, WhatsApp, Kik, etc) will be limited to 100 per month on the free version while there is no limit on the Pro version. Actionable notifications will now be exclusive to the Pro version and those users will also get universal copy and paste functionality and gain priority support.