Pura Scents Smart Air Freshener Hits Kickstarter


There are some who love having a smart, connected home. It's been called the wave of the future and that's not exactly wrong. It's far from uncommon these days to find an Amazon Echo wired up to a Nest Smart Thermostat, all hooked up to speakers that run through the house, finding their root at a massive entertainment center in the living room or a control panel hidden in the kitchen. Some owners even opt to control all this equipment from their Android or iOS smartphone, a perfectly viable option. You can smarten up a multitude of things such as your locks, your doorbell and even your fridge, but it seems like a few items are conspicuously missing. One such niche, being a smart air freshener, is set to be filled by Pura Scents, a Kickstarter baby that promises to bring your home's smell into the 21st century.

This curious new device has a tough polycarbonate shell that you should be able to squeeze into just about any space. You'll be able to control it from your smartphone, turning it on or off and choosing between the 15 different scents. You can also set it to run on a schedule and forget all about it, or use IFTTT and Nest to sync it with the rest of your home. Multiple units can be synchronized or controlled individually and the company plans to open up the API in the future, allowing developers and other Internet of Things manufacturers to incorporate controls and responses for the Pura Scents. This means deeper integration with the rest of your smart home. It's not a stretch to imagine smelling peppermint in the winter when your heater is cranking, cinnamon in the fall, flowers in the spring and warm tropical scents in the summer. As a bonus, the device features a USB port so you can still charge your devices even as the Pura Scents eats up valuable outlet real estate.


The Pura Scents is planned to launch in June of 2016 with fifteen different scents to start with, with more being available a la cart or via a $3.99 a month subscription service. Backers can preorder one on Kickstarter, with retail plans pointing to $80. So far, all the single unit packs aside from a few $69 entries are gone, along with a few $136 two-unit deals. This leaves backers with only multi-unit deals in excess of $200 being available. For the consummate smart home enthusiast, bringing the smell of your home into the future should be well worth the price of entry.

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