Pulsar Is A Lightweight, Well Designed Music Player

November 30, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

The Google Play Store has become a great source of quality applications. Android grew up as a platform, and numerous apps available in the Google Play Store prove that. No matter if you’re looking for a game, RSS reader, working out application or something completely different, chances are you’ll find it in the Play Store, various options that is. In case you’re looking for a quality music app, there are quite a few choices out there, and the app we’re about to talk about today is one of them, read on.

We’re here to talk about ‘Pulsar Music Player’ app which is available in the Google Play Store. This application is completely free, and if you still didn’t find an ideal music player for you, this might be it. Pulsar actually offers minimalistic material design, which is always nice, and it also packs in quite a few features. You can manage your songs by album, artist, folder or genre, as you can with most quality music players out there, and the app will automatically sync missing album / artist images. The search function is also a part of this application, and you also get a home screen widget that you can use on your Andriod device.

In case you don’t like the default theme, that’s not a problem, there are other, more colorful themes that you can choose from. Interestingly enough, Pulsar also has a built-in sleep timer, in case you need such a functionality. This music player is able to play all sorts of music file types like mp3, aac, ogg, flac, wav… and so on. The application is actually not that big when you install it, quite on the contrary, which is always appreciated. We didn’t have any issues while testing the app, everything worked as it should. That’s pretty much it, in case you’d like to take a closer look at the app itself, check out the screenshots down below, and if you’d like to try out this application, click the Google Play banner which is located below this article. Keep in mind that there’s also a ‘Pro’ version of this app, and it costs around $3.