Project Spectrum Brings in Stock Android on Oppo Phones

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Through Project Spectrum, Oppo has just released a near-stock Android version developed on Android Lollipop 5.1.1.

The new ROM version is currently available for just the Find 7 and Find 7A models where users need to manually download and install the ROM version for now.  Oppo has promised an update for their other models in the near future.

Until now, Oppo phones were available with a custom UI of Android 5.1.1, named ColorOS.  Although it offered a vibrant interface with a host of custom built apps and features layered over stock Android, it seems Oppo has taken the feedback of their yearning customers wanting less bloatware.  Oppo has in a way followed the footsteps of Motorola that created a near-stock Android experience over its entire range of phones guaranteeing faster updates to future versions of Android.

This new move on the part of Oppo can be seen as a way to mark a greater presence in the US market where Motorola has a devout following in part due to offering stock Android software.  Motorola adds in a couple of their own dedicated apps like Moto Assist, Moto Actions, Moto Display, to name a few but it has only enriched the user experience in all their models.

Oppo has been successful at making its presence felt both in its home turf of China and in emerging markets like India offering high-end phone models at affordable rates.  It should be noted that customers in these regions have a liking for customized UIs on their phones that would offer them local apps and features.  Markets in the US and other regions prefer a cleaner, near-stock Android version that would entail faster software updates and performance improvements.

Just like the nifty offerings from Motorola such as the Moto Display that was well received and appreciated by the user community, Oppo has decided to add in a couple of their own popular features from ColorOS on to the Project Spectrum offering.  Project Spectrum supports two screen gestures namely double-tapping to wake up the phone and drawing a circle for opening the camera app.  Oppo has also brought in their camera app and MaxxAudio features over from the ColorOS ROM.