Poll of the Week: Is the TAG Heuer Connected Worth $,1500?


Earlier this week, TAG Heuer, the Swiss name finally introduced their first smartwatch. Imaginatively dubbed the TAG Heuer Connected this $1,500 smartwatch is one hell of a luxury item. Costing more than say, two Galaxy Note 5s or even three of some other flagship smartphones, that $1,500 price tag is something that has a lot of us scratching their heads. You could perhaps argue that a Swiss-made mechanical watch is worth somewhere in the region of $1,000 to $2,000, but a smartwatch with a small computer and a touchscreen that does the same as watches costing less than $300? This is where things get tricky.

The TAG Heuer Connected is powered by an Intel Atom CPU, it features 4GB of storage, a 360 x 360 1.5-inch display and the same Android Wear software we've seen before. It is essentially the same offering as say, an LG Watch Urbane or Huawei Watch. Of course, we're sure that this is perhaps built a little better compared to something from a smartphone manufacturer, which would command some more on top of the price, but over a grand more? There's no GPS or even a heart-rate sensor here, with the latter being something that the majority of Android Wear hardware has been shipping with for some time now. The charger isn't a wireless charger like the Moto 360 and instead relies on the same simple pins that even the original G Watch relies upon. The case for that $1,500 price tag quickly becomes a tough one to argue in favor of.


Having said that, the brand TAG Heuer carries a lot of weight in the watch business, and you do get a mechanical watch at the end of the two-year warranty, which is an interesting move from TAG, but at least some sort of added value. We want to know what you think and so we're going to keep things really simple and ask our readers whether or not the TAG Heuer Connected is worth its $1,500 price tag. You can join in the poll and discussion over on Google+ and have your say on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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