Polar and Swarovski Partner to Deliver Polar Loop Crystal


Not too long ago, Polar introduced the new Polar A360 fitness tracker, a new tracker that was designed for those that wanted something a little more involved. Now, the company has teamed with Swarovski to offer up the Polar Loop Crystal, a less sophisticated tracker, but one that's designed to be a little more appealing to women that want to keep a track of their daily activity, but do so in style. It'll be available for $159 or €159 later this month where Polar trackers are sold, as well as via the Polar website.

Starting with the looks of the Loop Crystal, which is mostly the whole point of such a device, there are 30 Swarovski crystals inlaid into two polished stainless steel decorative bezels and the white silicon bracelet is textured with a fairly nice pattern. As for fitness tracking, this is little more than the standard fare, it'll track steps taken, calories burned and of course how many hours slept. There's no heart rate monitor here, but Polar have told us that it will pair with the Bluetooth Polar H7 heart rate tracker for that sort of thing. Marco Suvilaakso, Global Product Director for Polar said that they designed the Loop Crystal to "specifically for women who are not only passionate about fashion, but also who are looking for an accessory that can keep up with their routines, offers motivation throughout the day and supports their fitness goals and overall wellbeing."


There's definitely a place in the market for this sort of thing, after all the majority of fitness trackers are either a little too manly, or just not that attractive. Not every woman is going to need something with Swarovski crystals embedded into it just to make it look good, of course, but it's nice to see an established brand in the fitness world to finally offer such a product, even if it is a little expensive. As we said, the Polar Loop Crystal will be available later this month.

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