Philips Deploying 100 SmartPole Street Lights in Los Angeles

When it comes to smart devices, whether it be light bulbs, rice cookers, outlets, or anything else around the house, Philips has been one of the larger names. With their Hue brand bringing all sorts of smart products to us to use in our house, office, and even the car. Now, Philips is working on something else that is indeed, really cool. On Tuesday, Philips announced that they are partnering with the city of Los Angeles to deploy 100 SmartPole street lights through out the city, and if there's a good result from these SmartPole's there will be more added.

A SmartPole is a pretty interesting thing actually. And yes it does have a data connection. It's an LED streetlight that can output 4G LTE connectivity. So you've basically got a bunch of small cells around the city now. And in a city that is as populous as Los Angeles is, this is a great idea. This would help out carriers here in the US, in terms of needing to add more bandwidth in dense cities, Once more it means they will have less to do, when it comes to investing in their network. This is all part of Philips' expanding their Internet of Things initiative.

Now you have 4G LTE connectivity from these SmartPoles, but what networks do they support? Well Philips has made sure that all four carriers (that's Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T) 4G LTE bands are compatible with these street lights. Enhancing coverage and adding more bandwidth, as well as cutting down on the light bill for the city of Los Angeles.

SmartPole from Philips seems like a great idea for reducing the energy used for street lights, and also a great solution for carriers to bring us more coverage and bandwidth. As analysts are expecting data usage to grow tremendously between now and 2020. Hopefully this pilot program of 100 SmartPole's throughout the city will go well for Los Angeles as well as Philips and bring in more of those into the city of Los Angeles and into other cities throughout the US and the rest of the world.

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