OnePlus Release Instructional Video On How To Use An Invite

Oneplus invite instructions

OnePlus is a company who routinely makes the headlines. A lot of the time, the headlines revolve around one of their devices, although, one common theme which has continuously hit the headlines throughout the lifespan of all three of their devices, is the invite system. This is the system OnePlus use to offer sales with all of their devices, and especially during the launch phase of their devices. Not to mention, this is also a system which has gained a large degree of notoriety over the last eighteen months with many consumers finding the whole invite process a rather frustrating and inconvenient way to purchase a smartphone.

The system overall is quite simple. You typically need to register your interest for an invite. Following which, when your name is called from the queue, you receive an email from OnePlus with an invite code. For their latest device, the OnePlus X, this was a code which only came with a 24 hour time-frame in which it could be used. Although, on the back of a number of users finding the 24 hour life-span of an invite a bit limiting, the company did recently revise this particular aspect and now all invites are good for three days. That is, from the moment of receipt of the email. Either way, once you have the code, you can simply head over to the OnePlus site, log-into your account, activate the code and you are finally able to buy the device in a ‘normal’ manner.

Well, in spite of the use of invites being something the company has done since the beginning, it seems some users may be having an issue with how to use invites. That is, if the latest video released by OnePlus is anything to go by. The video is a how-to video, but one which is designed to show you how you can use your OnePlus invite once it is received. If you already know how to use an invite, then the video won’t offer you anything you don’t already know. However, if you would like to check out OnePlus explaining how to use a OnePlus invite then you can by watching the video in full below.