NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Gains TWRP Support

November 25, 2015 - Written By John Anon

A little over a week ago NVIDIA launched a new tablet which was dubbed the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1. Although, in reality, this was more of a relaunch as many of the features, specs and so on, were pretty much the same as the tablet’s predecessor, the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. In very short terms, it was the same tablet with some minor improvements and a much slimmed down retail price which means you can now pick it up for only $199.99.

Well, if you are an owner of the previous version, the SHIELD Tablet, then you may not have been that interested in the newer model and the relaunch. If that was the case, then it is worth noting that there is some news for you today, as it does look like the SHIELD Tablet has now gained official TWRP support. Something which seems to have been missing up until now. As such, if you do want to install TWRP on your SHIELD Tablet, flash a ROM and essentially breath new life back to your tablet, then now you can do so, officially. At least, officially with TWRP.

It does seem unlikely to be a coincidence that TWRP support is suddenly available when the latest updated version of the tablet has now arrived and so it would be presumed that this is likely to work on that tablet too. After all, the specs and hardware between the two are essentially the same. That said, you do need to be aware that the TWRP listing does not specifically state any details on the Tablet K1 or comment on its compatibility. So there is always the off-chance that it does not work with the newer model. Although, that seems unlikely, you never know with these sorts of things. So as per usual with anything rooting, flashing or recovering, you do so at your own risk. Either way and regardless of whether you own the SHIELD Tablet or the SHIELD Tablet K1, if you do feel like checking out the new TWRP listing and grabbing a download, then you can by heading through the source link below and over to the TWRP website.