Selection Of NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Games On Sale

November 24, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Earlier today, NVIDIA announced that they would be starting a promotion for their popular Android TV option, the NVIDIA SHIELD. The deal means that those looking to pick up the SHIELD can do so, starting from this Thursday, for only $149.99. That is, along with the remote control which is typically sold as an additional accessory for a further $49.99. So all in all, you can save as much as $100 off the full bundle by buying in-store on Black Friday or online from Cyber Monday.

For those thinking about picking up the NVIDIA SHIELD when it goes on sale, they may be wondering what games they can pick up and play when they get it home? Well, luckily it seems NVIDIA has not finished with their Black Friday sales this year, as they have also reduced a number of game titles too. These are Android games and are available from the Play Store. Although, most, if not all, have been optimized for play on the NVIDIA SHIELD, making them the perfect games to get started with a new purchase.

In terms of what’s on offer, for the Half-Life fans out there, Half-Life 2 is available for $5 (down from its usual $9.99). Half-Life Episode 1 is down from its usual $7.99 to $4 while Episode 2 is also down from its usual $7.99 to $4 as well. Doom 3 BFG Edition is also on sale and this one is down from $9.99 to only $5. While some of the newer released SHIELD games are also seeing a discount too. Contrast was one of the big titles which was recently released and that is now available for only $7.50 (usually $14.99) while Pix the Cat also saw its launch on the SHIELD at the same time as Contrast and that is also included in the sale, seeing its price drop from $9.99 down to $5. Portal is another game which is seeing its price slashed down from $9.99 to only $5, while last on the list is another new SHIELD optimized game and this one is Q.U.B.E.: Director’s Cut, which has also dropped down from $9.99 to $5. You can check out all the games, grab their respective Play Store links and see what else is available for the NVIDIA SHIELD by heading through the source link below.