Nokia Reports A Net Profit Of Almost €400 Million In Q3 2015

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Nokia was once the biggest cellphone manufacturer in the world. This Finland-based company has been making really quality devices and the company was well-respected by both the competition and consumers alike. Well, after smartphones becomes a thing, Nokia made a couple of wrong turns, first with Symbian, then with MeeGoo and ultimately with Windows Phone exclusivity agreement. At the end of all that, Microsoft ended up purchasing Nokia’s Devices and Services business, which basically left this company high and try, not to mention they’re still not allowed to manufacture smartphones.

That being said, Nokia has unveiled an Android-powered tablet last year, and unfortunately, the tablet still has limited availability. Nokia seems to be planning to unveil a smartphone and a smartwatch in 2016, at least according to the latest info, and in the meantime, let’s take a look at their business numbers, shall we. Nokia has actually posted their financial results for the third quarter of this year recently. The company has reported a revenue of €3 billion, which is actually €0.1 billion less than in Q3 2014. Nokia has also reported a net profit of €391 million, with an operating margin of 13.6%. The margin is still lower than at the same time last year, but these results have exceeded expectations.

Analysts have predicted a significant fall for Nokia, and yet the company has managed to exceed those expectations. Nokia has had strong sales in China, which is the company’s main market now, it seems like their N1 tablet is selling really well, which is not surprising considering its price point, and the fact that it was selling like hotcakes during the company’s Flash Sales earlier this year. That being said, it will surely going to be interesting to see what is Nokia’s next step. As previously mentioned, the company plans to release a smartphone and a smartwatch next year, and considering how successful their tablet was in the very few markets it was available in, the arrival of Nokia-branded smartphone and smartwatch could be really interesting. If the company manages to manufacture solid devices, who knows, perhaps they can make a proper comeback to the mobile tech market.