Nexus Google Camera App Rolling Out To Marshmallow Devices

google camera ah 1

Yesterday, Google announced quite the update to its social media service, Google+. The update brought with it a redesign for all platforms and one which is designed to offer a greater focus on both Communities and Collections. Two features which Google suggest are becoming increasingly more popular with its users. Well, it is that time of the week when Google starts rolling out updates to its various apps and services and it is now being reported that the next in line to see an update is the stock Camera app, Google Camera.

The update brings the camera app up to version 3.1 and with it comes another redesign of the UI. More specifically, it seems that the redesign for the Camera app is one which is designed to bring non-Nexus devices more in line with Nexus devices that are already running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). In addition, to the UI change, it is also being reported that the settings have been improved with a view on simplifying certain actions. Like for instance, switching between camera settings due to a change in the placement of buttons. Which in turn has increased visibility of certain settings like HDR. The change means you will no longer have to delve deep into the settings to find certain adjustments.

In fact, it was not too long ago that the Google Camera saw its upping to version 3.0 which brought with it a number of other changes like Smart Burst and Creations. As such, it does seem that the app is receiving a nice level of repeat updating at the moment. Although, with Marshmallow finally starting to become more widely available, it is not surprising that this app is now seeing this particular update. At the moment, there does not seem to be an APK available to pull and sideload and the reports do detail that it is only rolling out to select users. Although, it is also said that the update should land for all devices over the next few days. Of course, you will need to be running Marshmallow on your device for the update to be of use.