Nexus 6P Having Mic Issues For Numerous Consumers

November 22, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google’s popular Nexus 6P smartphone launched this year seems to be giving a number of users call quality issues, with multiple consumers across Google’s product forums, and at least three XDA threads reporting issues with the microphone on their devices. While many people’s experiences are a tad bit different here the general problem ends up with the same results for those affected, which happens to be decreased call quality. At the moment there is no clear explanation that’s been confirmed as to the cause of the problem, although Google is currently looking into the issue to see what the root of the problem is and how to fix it.

More than one user states the issue might be related to the noise cancellation microphone, and through the many different discussions people are having about this situation some suggest that users can potentially fix the issue by covering up the mic. Others seem to disagree and think that covering the mic hinders the call quality. There’s also some speculation that the problem has to do with the software, and if that’s the case then Google can simply push out a software update to patch the problem once they find out what the actual cause is. Unfortunately, there’s no time frame for when Google might discover the fix and how long it could be before they push it out.

The discussion on the Google product forums is ongoing, and Google seems to be on top of the discussion as well, mentioning that they’ll be continuing to update the thread posts with more information as it comes in. They may also be looking to grab bug report data from users, so if you’d like to help contribute to solving it you can head to the product forums and begin by listing you also have the issue, as well as keep tabs on it for new information about potential fixes. Alternatively, consumers having this problem themselves can also choose to do an RMA, return the phone, or exchange it in store if they bought it locally at a retailer. If you bought it from Google, contacting them about a replacement is probably a good first step.