Nexus 6P Bend Test Round Two Shows Same Result

Nexus 6P bend test 2

When it comes to new smartphone releases, there are a number of stages a device must go through during its release period. However, one of the newest additions to this release period is what is the now-famous ‘bend test’. After the debacle last year with the iPhone failing its bend test and creating the infamous bendgate hashtag, all devices now seem to have to go through such testing before they can be confirmed to be ‘good’ devices.

Well, one of the latest devices to arrive on the market is the Nexus 6P and this is the new premium Nexus device and one which many consumers are starting to finally receive in-hand. However, a couple of days ago a bend test video of the Nexus 6P emerged and caused massive controversy. The main reason it attracted so much attention was due to how easily the Nexus 6P did bend and break. The video attracted many comments with some assuming that the video was not real, or the Nexus 6P in question was a prototype of even a fake device with a lesser build quality. The video even led to other videos being made in support and showcasing the strength of the Nexus 6P.

Well, coming back to the original Nexus 6P bend video and in an attempt to answer those questions and criticisms, the YouTuber, JerryRigEverything, decided to put together another Nexus 6P bend test video. In the last one, the device went through some major torture aspects and one of the criticisms raised, was that the device has been weakened by the torturing. In short, by the time JerryRigEverything goes to snap the Nexus 6P, it is ready to be snapped and does so quickly and easily. In contrast, in this video, JerryRigEverything is seen opening a Nexus 6P fresh from the box, taking the device out and instantly bending it again until it snaps. This time, JerryRigEverything does look to provide some more information on why the Nexus 6P seems to be so brittle and attributes much of the issue to aspects like the joints Huawei decided to use. Anyway, those interested can check out the video in full below.