Motorola's New 'Stitch' Boot Animation Created With Cotton Thread

Motorola tends to be creative on a number of different levels whether it's looking for ways to beef up their phone displays, or simply make them look more interesting when they power up. It seems like Motorola is going to be gearing up for a change to the boot animation soon (startup animation for those who aren't familiar with the term boot) for their devices called 'Stitch.' In a new short video which Motorola has posted up to their YouTube channel, as well as explained in detail on their blog, they show off the process of what it took for them to create a brand new boot animation made by using cotton thread to create the movements of the Motorola logo.

The making of the new Stitch animation required help from Peter Crawley, a product designer who is well-known for creating stitch art. Crawley worked with Motorola's animation team to transform Crawley's process of hand piercing paper and stitching it with thread, into an animated digital work of art that can be seen by customers every single time they turn on their smartphones. Motorola stated that Crawley's work felt like a "perfect match for the innovative design team" as the hand stitching on a piece of paper is something you can "almost feel when looking at it."

Although the new boot animation isn't quite available to most just yet, Motorola has mentioned that it is already beginning to roll out to devices through an update, starting with the Motorola Moto X Style in Brazil and India as of today, as well as Brazil model of the retail Moto X 2nd Gen. As for other Motorola devices, the company says to simply "look for the animation on your device soon" which means it shouldn't be long before it starts to show up on other Moto X devices in other regions. If you enjoy art in all its forms and were curious to see parts of the process to in what went into making this new animation for smartphones, you can check out Motorola's 'Making Of' video below that details some of the steps. While Motorola's boot animations have always been rather interesting, this new animation is sure to capture the attention of more than a few users.

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