Moto X Pure Edition Gets put through the Torture Test

November 24, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

It seems to be common these days for smartphones to go through these torture tests after release. From drop tests, to bend tests, and now we’re seeing burn tests and even scratch tests. The YouTuber, JerryRigEverything, is at it again, this time torturing the Moto X Pure Edition or the Moto X Style. This is the same YouTuber that did these tests on a Nexus 6P (that looked to be a non-production model as various things were missing from the outside of the phone, like logos). Nonetheless, The Moto X Pure Edition appears to stand up pretty well to the torture.

First there was the scratch test, which the Moto X Pure Edition with Gorilla Glass 3 seemed to have faired pretty well, compared to those with Gorilla Glass 4, in fact, lasting longer. The back was also scratched with keys and then a razor, what we did notice there was that the plastic or rubber back is actually pretty thick. But using a razor it can easily be removed. Not a total surprise, in reality. The camera lens was also scratched with the same razor but didn’t really leave any damage to the lens. Showing that the design for the camera was actually really good.

Now the fun part, the burn and bend tests. What happens here is that the pixels heat up, turn white then turn off. And once they cool down they turn back on, as they should. Although that’s not what happened with the Nexus 6P. The Pixels died, and never came back to life on the Nexus 6P. With the bend test, we could see that the phone can be bent slightly, but there’s no real point in the frame that allows you to really bend the phone. Making it pretty sturdy with that aluminum chassis.

What we learned here is that the Moto X Pure Edition is pretty sturdy. We also learned, never to burn your phone, nor bend it. But leaving it in your pocket with keys should not be a problem at all for anyone. As the keys didn’t really do any damage at all to the phone.