Microsoft Rumored To Be Working On Cortana Compatible Wearable

Cortana AH 3

Microsoft has been having a hard time selling their mobile products. They recently unveiled Windows 10, but it has been criticised for offering essentially the same functionality as it did several years ago, in addition to its inconsistent looks. Their mobile platform simply didn’t take off, and most developers are no longer making apps for it, leaving the platform with a very small number of apps and games compared to Android or iOS. Still, some of their software is considered to be very good, like their Office productivity suite, which is now available in various platforms. Microsoft has been developing some of their apps for other platforms and even its digital assistant Cortana is available on Android.

Now, there’s a report that Microsoft could be working on a wearable device that will work with Cortana. But instead of taking the approach of making a device to be worn on the wrist, the device currently known as Clip could be worn around the ear. Even though it is said that the device is in early stages of development, we could see some prototypes by the end of this year. Cortana would be responsible for reading messages and notifications out loud and users will be able to interact with the virtual assistant using their voice. Users will also be able to create reminders and probably control some aspects of their smartphone with this device.

Motorola’s Moto Hint offers similar functionality, but it is not clear if the device from Microsoft will be designed in a similar fashion or if the company will design it in another way, possibly the “clip” name offers a hint as to what to expect from its design. If Microsoft wants to ensure this device’s popularity, they will probably make it compatible with Android and iOS devices in addition to those running Windows, so it might work with the virtual assistants of each platform or perhaps Microsoft will have Cortana ready for each of the platforms. This kind of device could be even more useful if they could control certain smart home appliances, but Cortana would have to be available in all of them, so it’s very likely that Microsoft is planning that as of yet.