Microsoft Add 'Badge' to OneNote to Speed Up Note Taking


Microsoft might be a company that is still very much associated with Windows and Microsoft Office, but they have been embracing mobile platforms like Android and iOS much more over the past two years. Since Satya Nadella took the reins as CEO some time ago, Microsoft has done a really good job of making their apps and services available everywhere. One of those apps and services is of course OneNote, a note-taking application that rivals Evernote in terms of flexibility and cross-platform support. With dedicated apps for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android it's available everywhere, with everything synced. Now, Microsoft is making things a little easier on Android with their November update for OneNote.

In their latest update to OneNote for Android, Microsoft is introducing a 'Badge' feature, which will make it much easier to add screenshots etc into a OneNote note, without having to launch the app in full. The nice thing about this is that it won't appear on top of whatever else you have running all the time, instead users will need to activate the badge from a persistent notification, and then they can get rid of the badge by dragging it to the bottom of the display. It seems like a pretty neat feature, and for those that spend a lot of time with a Windows PC, there's a high chance that OneNote and Office will be what they use, so it's nice to see things getting easier on Android as well.

The upshot of this for Microsoft is that putting OneNote in front of people for longer periods of time is that they're more likely to recommend it to a friend. It's not the only option out there for cross-platform sync, but it's extremely flexible and doesn't care how you format things or anything like that. Making it a free, and competent note taking app for Android as well as your laptop or PC. Microsoft say the new version should be rolling out to OneNote users over the next couple of weeks or so.

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