HERE Maps Calls Out Google Maps Offline Features

November 18, 2015 - Written By Dennis Patrick

Whether you live in a big city or looking for a reliable map application for a road trip destination, map-based applications are a must. Within the Google Android operating system, there’s obviously Google Maps available for consumers to use at their leisure. However, there’s another big contender that may overthrow Google Maps currently and could continue to gain popularity. We’re talking about HERE Maps which showed off a nice comparison of where HERE Maps outshines Google Maps on their official blog called 360 Here. Check out the comparisons HERE Maps makes before you decide to head out towards your next location.

HERE Maps specifically calls out Google Maps in their blog post since Google recently introduced offline maps to their application, a feature that HERE Maps have been offering for a number of years. There’s a number of elements that HERE Maps is able to compare with Google Maps when it comes to the offline mode, for starters, HERE Maps allows consumers to stay offline while Google Maps will instantly connect a user to the internet when it finds a stable connection. This may become a bother when dealing with data caps and roaming but to take this one step further, while HERE Maps will allow consumers to stay offline, they are given a full map while Google Maps only allow consumers to download a small section of the map. This, of course, can be a problem with storage on your device as well, but it seems that HERE Maps comes out on top as they can deliver the entire state of California for less than 540 MB while Google Maps will use the same amount of storage for a part of Northern California.

Another key point worth mentioning about HERE Maps compared to Google Maps is the available transportation routes when using the offline mode. When a user is unable to connect to a stable internet connection, Google will only provide a single car route for their Google Maps service. However, HERE Maps is capable of showing routes for public transit, walking, and by car, something that could prove to be useful when in bigger cities. Included below is the infographic HERE Maps released comparing the two application services.