LG's LTE Watch Urbane to Cost $300 from AT&T Nov. 6th


When LG announced the Watch Urbane earlier this year, they did so with a watch that looked an awful lot like the G Watch R that was launched last year. Either way, it was a good-looking piece of hardware and gave those that preferred a more traditional look and feel a great Android Wear option to go for. They weren't done with Android Wear in 2015 however, as they launched the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE (yes, that really is the name that LG came up with). As you can guess, this is a smartwatch that has the core components of any smartphone, including a chip capable of 4G as well as the requisite antennas. AT&T however, will be bringing it to life when it becomes available later this month, along with NumberSync.

NumberSync will be a way for AT&T customers that purchase the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition to take and make calls on their smartwatch, using their existing number. This is a pretty great feature from AT&T and it pretty much confirms that Android Wear will, at some point in the future, allow for phone calls just as Android on smartphones does. Whether or not this will ned hardware like the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition isn't clear, but we'd imagine so. As for the watch on AT&T, LG's latest will be available from November 6th (according to AT&T's Twitter handle) for $300 outright, or $199.99 with a two-year contract. We're fairly certain the majority of people will see through AT&T's silly pricing and buy it outright, hopefully.


Needless to say, the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition should prove to be a popular device, priced not too far away from traditional offerings with built-in wireless capabilities, this is a good package. For existing Android Wear users however, the idea of taking a phone call on their wrist is a little strange as the feature has been ignored by Google for some time now. Perhaps watches like LG's latest here will persuade Google to let their partners to add the functionality to regular Android Wear watches next year.

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