LG Smart TVs To Come With Google Play Movies & TV

November 17, 2015 - Written By Diego Macias

Software on Smart TVs is often considered sluggish and not always very well-designed. Even though it has been improving over time, there are still set-top-boxes that bring additional functionality to older TVs and provide an overall better experience. Android has its own platform designed to work on this larger screens, it’s called Android TV and it integrates some apps and services found on the mobile platform. This platform is currently available on TVs from brands like Sony and Sharp and through set-top-boxes from NVIDIA, Razer and Google’s own Nexus player. LG opted to adapt Web OS for their TVs, but starting this month, they will be getting access to Google Play Movies & TV.

Google Play Movies & TV offers thousands of movie titles and TV shows including timeless classics, new releases, independent films and cult favorites in SD and HD formats. The content originates on the cloud, so users will be available to start watching a movie on their TV and continue where they left off on additional devices like smartphones, tablets or PCs. There’s a demand for more content on TVs without the hassle of having to connect more devices, so Google Play Movies & TV brings a new option for content. “Offering our consumers the best possible home entertainment experience is our highest priority and our partnership with Google to offer Google Play Movies and TV helps LG deliver more quality content options along with leading TV picture quality and a simple and fast smart TV experience powered by our webOS Smart TV platform.”, said David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing, LG Electronics USA.

LG’s Smart TV software is designed to be intuitive and make switching from apps or several content services and live TV easier. It includes a variety of apps like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and YouTube, some of them offering content in 4K. Still, Google Play Movies & TV is a good option for those who are building their library, renting or buying content on the platform. LG will be rolling out this service initially in the US, the UK, Australia and Canada, but it will be available in 104 countries afterwards.