LG G5 Rumored To Arrive Early Next Year

LG V10 AH 24

Although everyone on the Android world is waiting to see what Samsung is working on with their upcoming Galaxy S7, there’s a lot to be seen from its rival LG. The Korean company has been releasing some really good smartphones, but still they have struggled to make a profit from their mobile division. LG released their latest flagship phones around closer to the middle of the year, with the LG G3 being unveiled on May 28 of 2014 and the G4 on April 28 of this year. For 2016, LG may be doing things differently, as a recent report from South Korea suggests the company will release the upcoming LG G5 early in the first quarter.

The advance in the schedule may have several reasons, including Samsung itself since the giant rival usually releases their flagship phones during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) on early March. The source throws a guess that the device may be unveiled during the MWC 2016, but again, this is just a guess. As for the specs, the information is really sparse, as we don’t have any clue on what processor, RAM, camera, storage or any other extra features. However, based on the hardware coming next year, it is safe to throw in some guesses and there’s a big chance they will happen to be true. First of all, there isn’t much to choose for the processors. LG has stood with Qualcomm and the next major flagship processor is the Snapdragon 820. There’s an option from MediaTek too, with their Helio X20, but in the past history LG has partnered with the American chipmaker. For the RAM, 4 GB is becoming a standard and it is unlikely the LG G5 will come with less than 3 GB. As for the storage, the internal space on the G4 was 32 GB, and it would be a shoot in the foot if LG downed it to 16 GB again.

One particular aspect that didn’t please users was the plastic body from the LG G4 and all previous versions of the G line. LG is one of the last major Android manufacturers to stick with plastic, with the exception of the V10 with its metal frame, but still not an unibody metal design. A recent report published yesterday suggests that the G5 will launch with a metal unibody, which may change several aspects including the removable battery and the external storage capability. Additionally, the same report indicates LG will be moving away from its current design, and we are all curious to see this welcome refresh. We should have more rumors about the upcoming LG G5, so stay tuned for more news if you like this Korean offering.