LG Adjusts Leadership Roles in Hope of Strong 2016


Massive corporations like LG and Samsung might be strong in the smartphone and mobile business on the whole, but that's certainly not all these companies are known for. Indeed, where the two big South Korean giants are concerned their mobile operations are just pieces of a much, much larger puzzle. LG Corporation is made up of lots of different divisions, such as LG Electronics and within them even more departments and arms responsible for certain things. In order to make sure that each cog and piece of the puzzle is doing well next year, LG is announcing some changes that will take effect January 2016, hopefully delivering more flexibility and autonomy to each division.

In a press release, LG have said that this new move will help the following four divisions maintain autonomy and remain flexible as we enter the next year; Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance & Air Solution and Vehicle Components. These four companies will be put together into divisions and headed up by Jo Song-jin as President and CEO of Home Appliances & Air Solutions, Juno Cho as President and CEO of Mobile Communications and David Jung as President and CFO. The idea behind these changes is to better allow these heads of divisions to make the necessary changes or decisions as quickly as possible, this is effectively an effort in cutting the red tape that would otherwise hamper these divisions from doing what they like.


Whether or not this sort of thing will have a serious difference is unclear, and we will have to take a look at LG's 2016 results in a year's time to actually see what effect these moves had. Nevertheless, we'd assume that LG knows  what they're doing at this point, and we're sure that they have a lot of big plans going into 2016, especially where mobile is concerned. The LG G4 put the South Korean giant on the map as someone who can put a great camera in a smartphone and we're sure we'll see even more from the LG G5 or other devices next year.

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