Leaked Specs & Pictures Show Up For The Smartisan T2

November 19, 2015 - Written By Diego Macias

Smartisan may not be the most known Chinese manufacturer of mobile devices as it was only founded on 2012, but following the tradition of other manufacturers from that region, it has created a few affordable handsets with very good specs for their asking price. The Smartisan T1 integrates solid specs for last year’s standards in a design based on symmetry built with innovative materials. The company even put some thought into the packaging and added nice touches to the accessories, for example, the end of the charging cable features a convex and concave surface to identify which side is so as to help users plug it in more easily. This phone was discounted over time, so it became even more affordable while the Smartisan U1 was more of a mid-range offering that had an even more attractive price tag.

We have been hearing some rumors about the company’s new flagship, known as Smartisan T2. The phone was supposed to be among the first ones to include the Snapdragon 820 processor, but some AnTuTu results and new information suggest that it will be powered up by a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor instead. The overall design looks very much like the one of its predecessors, featuring Gorilla Glass 4 in the front and back which subtlety curves on the edges to make those surfaces blend with the frame, even the physical buttons on the front are making a comeback. This time, though, the frame seems to sport a metallic finish.

The display will measure 5 inches and it will have Full HD resolution and there will be 3 GB of RAM. A USB Type-C port will be used to charge and sync the device, despite reportedly running Android 5.1 instead of Marshmallow, which supports this kind of technology. The device shall be priced around 2999 Yuan (about $470), which is similar to the price of the T1 at launch. While these specs seem good-enough it seems to be competing with the Xiaomi Mi 4c in terms of specs and price, but the design really makes the Smartisan phone stand out. There’s a rumor that the company will launch another phone with better specs called Smartisan T2 Pro, which will integrate the Snapdragon 820 processor and a fingerprint scanner.