Latest Nexus 6P Torture Test Shows Strong Huawei Build

Nexus 6p AH fingerprint scanner 02

Not too long ago, some enterprising YouTuber decided to take the Nexus 6P on a torture test, and the Nexus 6P didn’t seem to fare all that well. As we saw with the iPhone 6 Plus bend tests however, any sort of thin metal or material will crumple under enough force. The torture test from JerryRigEverything’s YouTube Channel proclaimed the Nexus 6P as a joke, and claimed every other device was much more durable. As is so often the case however, another video has hit YouTube displaying how strong the Nexus 6P really is, which could either mean that JerryRigEverything had a one-off defective unit, or something else was going on.

Another video from High on Android uses a slightly more scientific method of testing the structural integrity of the phone. Using a wooden frame balanced on top of the Nexus 6P, 90 pounds of weight was gradually piled on top of said frame and the phone came out just fine. Again, this wasn’t a significantly scientific test, as there’s certainly room to argue that the 90 pounds of force didn’t have long enough to rest on the phone to make a big impact. Even so, the device’s display was just fine without any cracks, and while there was a sign of bending in the video as well as case separation, it sure looks like the Huawei Nexus is pretty strong.

These sort of tests are always good entertainment, but considering nobody really performs these test with too much procedure, they’re never going to be something to take as gospel. For these tests to be declared as true experiments they need to have a “control” involved, and two or three devices put through the exact same tests would be able to show whether or not the Nexus 6P in general is either a strong or weak device. Otherwise, these videos only show what individual Nexus 6P devices are capable of, and as we should know by now not every smartphone that rolls of a production line is the same as all the others.