Keeper Gets Support For Android 6.0 & Fingerprint Sensors


Internet security should be considered a serious concern, we keep storing more personal data in each of our accounts, whether those are personal files or banking information. A good old-fashioned password should be enough to ensure security and current mobile devices are integrating biometric systems so users don't have to type passwords every time. A very common problem is that users choose very predictable passwords and they use them in all of their accounts, so a password manager could help to solve this situation. Keeper is the most popular password manager and it also protects private information. Now, it's being updated to a new version with support for the most recent version of Android, Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

One of the biggest features of the new version of Android Marshmallow is the native support for fingerprint sensors, so the new version of Keeper includes support for these systems in some compatible devices and it is integrated with Keeper's FastFill feature, this feature allows users to fill and save passwords from native Android apps and web browsers, it gets activated whenever the keyboard is used to log in, so it is available for many applications and it provides a fast and secure access to each of them.


The fingerprint security integration in Keeper makes it easier to access their private Keeper Vault, as they just need to put their finger on the sensor to log in. Once they have done this, it will give them access to all of their sensitive and personal data such as passwords, files, photos and videos. OEMs and carriers who partner with the app and preload Keeper into their devices will now be able to customize the platform, providing a deeper layer of integration to improve the user experience. Currently, Samsung and Orange have been announced as partners, but the company has more future deals, so in the next 18 months Keeper could be preloaded in tens of millions of phones around the world. Keeper is available on the Google Play Store and it is free to download and some in-app purchases are available to provide higher-levels of security, so be sure to check out the app.


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