John Legere Took To Twitter To Explain T-Mobile Price Hike


Earlier this week, T-Mobile held their next in succession Uncarrier event. The big new of the event was that T-mobile customers on qualifying plans would be able to make use of free video streaming. Similar to what the company had done for music streaming the year before. The event also came with the announcement that customers on Simple Choice plans would be seeing their data doubling. So all good news it would seem. However, shortly afterwards, reports starting to come through which had picked up a price hike of $15, which had seemingly gone unannounced during the event. As such, this caused certain levels of confusion and frustration as T-Mobile seemed to be secretly rising prices. To try and bring some clarity to the matter, T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, took to twitter to answer questions and explain a few points as to what the price increase means.

Legere came out with nine points which were designed to explain everything quickly. The general gist of those nine points seem to revolve around the deal being a good deal for all T-Mobile customers, the first point noted that any price hike is only applicable to new customers as all existing customers will keep their rates and plans. As well as getting the Binge On access. The second point notes how customers can choose to switch pans and make use of the doubling of data allowances, essentially, offering customers a choice. Following which, the rest of the points then continue on explaining that whichever way you look at it, you are gaining. If you switch to a basic individual plan, you will get twice the data for the same price, if you are on a family plan, you are paying less thanks to the inclusion of the fourth line for free.


Interestingly, one of the points which was used to further justify the price hike, was taking aim at Sprint and Verizon and noting that they are upping their prices too, albeit without providing the additional benefits which T-Mobile are offering. So, it does seem the frustration with the price hike has at least been heard by the top level at T-Mobile. Of course, whether the explanations are sufficient enough to quell the worries, is another matter altogether.

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