Instagram Supports Multiple Accounts In Some Devices


Instagram is a social network dedicated to sharing pictures and videos from mobile devices, the app became really popular as it made it easy to add a variety of filters to make the pictures look better. The mobile app has been improving over time and since August, users can choose the format of the pictures they share, instead of being restricted to the square format that was used for a long time. The latest update brought some improvements to Direct Messages including the ability to send photos as messages, media files would now be seen in conversation mode and there’s the ability to name group conversations.

Now, it has been reported that Instagram is testing a new feature, the ability to add multiple accounts into the app. It seems to be an experimental feature for now, as only some users are seeing the additional account support. This seems to be supported on the version 7.12.0 of the app, where users will see an option Add Account in the Settings menu, it’s almost at the bottom, right below the option to Clear Search History. Once a user has added another account, they will be able to switch between those accounts in a drop down menu from their nickname in the profile section and a message colored in green will let them know the account they have selected. Users can log out from their accounts in the settings menu, they can choose one account to log out or all of them at once.

This new feature doesn’t require an update for the app as it seems to be rolling out from the cloud, so you might even have it in your current app version. The number of accounts that a user might add is still unknown, but if you’re interested in having this feature be sure to check that you have the aforementioned version or you could opt for the beta testing program to get new features before they get officially released. People who might be interested in such feature include business owners or social media managers, as they might have their personal accounts and additional ones.