Humble Bundle Stops Mobile-Only Bundles Every Two Weeks

November 17, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Those who enjoy games on both PC and mobile devices may be quite familiar with Humble Bundle and the types of things they offer. While Humble Bundle has been serving up packs full of mobile games for more than a few years now, it has been a little over a year since Humble Bundle has tossed out a mobile-only bundle of Android games every two weeks like clockwork, each bundle having a different theme and thus different games to match it. As of today Humble Bundle has gotten rid of the “mobile bundle” tab on their website as they will be discontinuing the mobile only bundles coming out every two weeks. This doesn’t mean however, that they will stop offering mobile games, or bundles focused only on mobile games entirely.

For now, Humble Bundle will be consolidating mobile games into their other bundles, creating a mixture of mobile and PC game titles, still centered around a theme like always. Humble Bundle does state that mobile-only game packs will still surface from time to time, but they won’t happen as often as they used to, which may be a bit of a let down for anyone who religiously followed these bi-weekly mobile bundles to see what was new.

The shift to take down the mobile bundles tab is an effort to update the way that Humble Bundle offers mobile titles. Instead of having one dedicated mobile bundle that changes every two weeks, the company wants to offer mobile games in more places across the website, but as stated, they will offer mobile-only bundles periodically as special mobile bundles. These will be offered at various points during the year, and from time to time there will be Android games included in the weekly bundle that changes, although not every week. In addition to this, gamers will still be able to cruise through the Humble Store and find mobile games there as well, so purchasing them separately will still always be an option if there are no mobile games included in any bundles when you’re looking for something new, and chances are they’ll be offered at a deal price too, as this is generally how Humble Bundle operates.