Huawei Unveil New Super Fast Charging Battery Technology


Battery life always has been and still remains a prevalent issue in the smartphone world. Devices are becoming equipped with greater capacity batteries, however, they are also becoming equipped with greater battery demanding features and hardware. As such, the status quo continues. Not forgetting, as battery capacities increase, the level and speed of recharge to gain back a full battery decreases. In short, batteries are taking longer to be recharged. As a result, as well as companies trying to find more efficient ways to make use of a battery's capacity, they are continually trying to find ways to increase the speed of recharging depleted batteries.

Well, Huawei has been showing off their latest attempt today at a convention in Japan. During the event, Huawei unveiled their technology which is said to offer a charge that is ten times faster than that of "normal batteries". In fact, Huawei also released a couple of videos showcasing their latest tech. The first one shows a 600 mAh capacity battery (think wearables) reaching a 67-percent charge in as little as two minutes. The second video, which is probably more appropriate to smartphones, shows a 3000 mAh battery receiving a 46-percent chage in about five minutes. A level of change which Huawei reckons will offer ten hours of call time…on their devices.


According to the details provided by Huawei, the improved charging ability is the result of "bonded heteroatoms to the molecule of graphite in anode", which Huawei states "could be a catalyst for the capture and transmission of lithium through carbon bonds". This is a technology which Huawei notes has now been approved and certified by its terminal test department. In fact, Huawei also state that in spite of the more rapid charging, this technology is not one which will affect the overall lifespan or the energy density of the battery. So in short, the battery will last as long as it did before, but will just be able to be recharged at a significantly faster rate. In fact, Huawei sum up their intentions quite neatly by stating "Soon, we will all be able to charge our batteries to full power in the time it takes to grab a coffee!" You can find out more about the new tech as well as check out the new videos by heading through the source link below.

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