HTC Releases New One A9 Commercial

Every Apple iPhone release since the first has been an exercise in demonstrating to the world that Apple's designers have somehow reinvented the smartphone wheel, but made it rounder, smoother and better than ever. The latest design is a good looking piece of hardware, being neat and elegant, and contains design language very much borrowed from HTC and their One devices from the M7 and later. Before the HTC One A9, it was being called the "hero device" by HTC. To many Android fans, this meant that the device would have a bleeding edge specification with some new and amazing new statistic that would tell the world how amazing it is. When the A9 was released, it immediately divided opinions. "It looks like an iPhone," is something that is often said about the One A9 and looking at the design side by side next to the iPhone 6S, it's true: there are similarities. There are some good reasons for the similarity between the devices, one being the deals struck between Apple and HTC and another being that HTC came up with the aluminum unibody design and the most effective way to incorporate the antenna into the chassis for the HTC One M7 before Apple reinvented the design. It's such a shame that Apple fans will decry the One A9 and tell you that HTC copied the iPhone, when the reality is the opposite.

It would seem that the agreement between Apple and HTC might be something of an uneasy truce, as HTC have released a new commercial detailing the One A9. It's an interesting commercial, showing off the device in a world populated by white, sterile apples and showing off the loud, high quality audio, the 13MP rear camera including RAW and OIS (optical image stabilization) and Google's Android 6.0 Marshmallow software. It ends with HTC's tagline of Be Brilliant, then switches to show the color spectrum of the One A9. HTC are running the fine line between criticising the competition and showing off a device features without getting into too much of the specification of the handset. It will be interesting to see if this pays off. If HTC are targeting defecting iPhone customers, this is a great way to go: many customers simply do not care for what's under the hood of their device or how it works, just that it does what they need it to. Nevertheless, it's great to see HTC putting some advertising dollars behind their new product and showing off the key selling points of the One A9.

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