HTC One A9 Minor Delays In Shipping, Long Delay For Verizon


The HTC One A9 was thought by many, to be a sort of last-ditch hope by HTC to rescue what has been a disappointing year overall. Their previous flagship device, the One M9 did not live up to either consumer or sales expectations and as such, the One A9 was being considered in attempt to redress the situation. Although, it has already received a number of criticisms for not being high-end enough and also being a little too iPhone-like. Ether way, yesterday saw the news come through that the One A9 has officially opened for business. Those interested could now purchase the device directly from HTC, as well as a number of the carriers in the U.S. However, details are now starting to come in that shipping is being slightly delayed for some, while there seems to be a very long day on the cards for those hoping to snag a One A9 via Verizon.

According to the details, an email is being sent out to customers who had already ordered the One A9 from HTC, stating that delays in shipping are occurring with the earliest shipping date being mentioned as Tuesday November 10th. So not drastically delayed, although delayed enough, as it was expected that shipping would commence yesterday, November 6th. However, for those on Verizon, the same email states that the One A9 is being put on a sort of semi-permanent hold status. The email states that HTC is "conducting more extensive testing and certification" and goes on to further state that the One A9 on Verizon will not be available by its planned December time-frame. In terms of when it will be available on Verizon, the reported email simply states "We are working with Verizon to make it available as soon as possible".


As noted, the information coming through is from a reported email being sent out to customers and as such, there has been no official confirmation or announcement on the matter from HTC or Verizon, as yet. Although, if the Verizon delay is correct, then it does seem that Verizon customers will not be looking at the option to buy the One A9 anytime before 2016.

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