Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - 2016: Top 10 Best Sound Bars

Whether you are an avid music listener, a gamer or a movie buff, there are many reasons to pick up a new Sound Bar. These are the perfect accompaniments to a home entertainment system and what can really take the experience to the next level. As a result, finding the one which best meets your individual needs can be a time-consuming process. Well, to help shorten the process, below are ten great options for Sound Bars to choose from.

Yamaha YAS-203 Sound Bar

If you are looking for a solid performing and reliable Sound bar, then up first we have the Yamaha YAS-203 Sound Bar. This one is designed to maximize your movie and music experience and connects to your system via Bluetooth. In addition to the actual sound bar, this one come with a wireless subwoofer to offer an increase in bass response and a more naturally balanced sound. This is one of the more expensive units but is a powerful one, coming in at 200-watts.

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Polk Audio Omni SB1 Wireless Sound Bar System

Up next is the Omni SB1 Wireless Sound Bar. Polk is a company which has been producing some really nice equipment of late and the Omni SB1 is no exception. Making use of their Play-Fi app, the Omni SB1 offers a rich and clear sound. Not to mention, this one also comes with an 8-inch wireless subwoofer for enhanced bass.

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JBL Cinema SB100 Soundbar Speaker System

One of the better priced sound bars on this list comes from JBL. This is the SB100 Soundbar and one which has proven popular since its release. This one measures 32-inches in length and offers a maximum output of 60-watts. So although not the most powerful option, it is one designed to offer a great level of performance for the price.

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Sharp HT-SB602 2.1 Speaker System

The Sharp HT-SB602 is one which is designed to be 'big' in all respects. This one ideally fits on a 60-inch TV, but will accommodate smaller units too. However, it is not its size which is the only big aspect as this one also comes with a large 310-watt output capacity. This is a 2.1 system and as such does come with a separate wireless subwoofer for increased bass.

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VIZIO SB4051-C0 40-Inch 5.1 Channel Sound Bar

The VIZIO 5.1 Channel Sound Bar is one of the options which is available in a variety of sizes. This one can be picked up in sizes which range from 38-inches up to 54-inches to best suit the system you already have in place. Here is the 40-inch version though and as well as being size varied, this is one of the only ones which comes with a full 5.1 experience offering true surround sound. Great option for those looking for a more inclusive movie experience over everything else.

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Polk Audio N1 39-Inch Bluetooth Soundbar

This is the second Polk Sound bar to make the list and this one is one of the more affordable sounds bars on offer here today. The Polk Audio N1 is a very popular option and especially for those who are into their gaming. This is a single speaker system and was designed in part with Microsoft to offer users a much more game-orientated experience. For those looking for something to really boost their gaming experience, then this one might be worth a shot

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There is no escaping that his is one of the more expensive sound bars on this list, but this is one which is designed with premium in mind. The SONOS Playbar adopts a very premium look and feel, while also looking to offer a richer HiFi sound. As a result, this is a great option for those who are looking for a sound bar which can also be used as a high-quality standalone wireless speaker.

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Razer Leviathan - Elite Gaming & Music Sound Bar

Up next is another option which has been designed with gamers in mind. This is the Razer Leviathan and as such, works just as well with your PC as well as anything else. Unlike the last gaming option, this one does come with its own dedicated subwoofer for additional bass. While also connects via Bluetooth for an easy to use music player.

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Pyle PSBV200BT 300 Watt Bluetooth Soundbar

If you are looking for a well-priced and feature rich sound bar, then look no further than the Pyle PSBV200BT. This is a powerful 300-watt sound bar and one which can not only connect to your streaming devices via Bluetooth, but also comes with options like FM radio and USB/SD card slots built-in. As a result, this can just as easily be used as a standalone music center. Making use of dual one-inch tweeters, dual three-inch full range speakers, and a 5.25-inch subwoofer, this is an ideal all round solution. Not forgetting, it comes with its own remote control too.

Pyle PSBV200BT 300 Watt Bluetooth Soundbar with USB/SD/FM Radio and Wireless Remote

LG Electronics LAS551H Sound Bar

LG is a company who have been making waves in a number of markets recently and their sound bars are worth checking out too. This is the LAS551H Sound Bar and comes sporting a massive 320-watt output. Not to mention, also comes sporting a sleek and premium design, as well as a separate subwoofer.

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