Holiday Gift Guide 2015-2016: Top 10 Best Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone Accessories Gift Guide 2015

Accessories for our smartphones are something we are always buying. Whether that be a charger, a car charger, a speaker, headphones or something else. It’s always a great gift to give to someone. And we’ve gathered up a ton of smartphone accessories that would make great gifts for anyone with a smartphone. Let’s check them out.

LG Tone Infinim Bluetooth Headphones


Whether you want or need Bluetooth headphones for heading to the gym or for work, or for something else. The LG Tone Infinim are a great choice. These are the “around the neck” model which make it easy to hang on to your headphones when they aren’t in your ears. The battery life on the LG Tone Infinim is around 8-10 hours – of course that depends on the volume you’re using here – and are very comfortable.

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Grain Audio OEHP.01 Over-Ear Headphones


These pair of headphones from Grain Audio are pretty nice looking. They include Walnut enclosures, so they are still pretty lightweight and comfortable, but definitely look good and unique. They also include 40mm speakers on each side, providing you with some deep bass levels, as well as very clear audio when listening to your favorite song. These are not Bluetooth, so you will need to plug them in. They also come with a 1/4″ to a 1/8″ adapter.

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Anker PowerCore 15600


One accessory that we always need no matter what phone we have, is a power bank. Our phones just can’t handle the amount of time we spend on them everyday. Anker has a variety of power banks here, and the PowerCore 15600 is one of our favorites. It’s a somewhat rugged 15,600mAh battery pack here which will provide power to your smartphone for about 6 cycles. It has two USB ports as well.

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Tronsmart USB Car Charger


Charging your phone in the car is something that all of us do just about everyday. Whether our phone is almost dead or not. Just to get that extra juice. This car charger from Tronsmart has two USB ports, so both the driver and passenger can charge their phone. Additionally, each port outputs at 2.4A. Not quite Quick Charge 2.0 speed, but pretty close. And pretty darn good for a car charger.

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EC Technology 2nd Gen Deluxe 22,400mAh Power Bank


Now this one is even larger than the Anker model that was above. This is a 22,400mAh power bank that will charge your device about 7 or 8 times before needing to be recharged. Now of course, that all depends on the size of the battery in your smartphone. It has three USB ports, and also uses four LED lights to show how much juice is left inside the Power Bank, super helpful.

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Amazon Echo


When you talk about Bluetooth Speakers, the Echo will definitely blow you away. Not only is it a Bluetooth Speaker, but it also has a personal assistant inside, known as Alexa. It’s almost like having Google Now in your Bluetooth Speaker. You can ask Alexa the weather, sports scores, news headlines and so much more. Amazon Echo is now available to everyone, even those that are not in Amazon Prime.

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JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Speaker


JBL is pretty popular for their audio, and their speakers are very popular as well. The Flip speaker here provides 360-degree audio, which sounds amazing in person. Additionally there is a microphone inside the speaker allowing you to take calls from the JBL Flip. JBL touts that the Flip gives about 5 hours of continuous playback, and the Flip can connect to any Bluetooth device, including your smartphone.

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Aukey Turbo Wall Charger


If you have a smartphone that uses the Snapdragon 800, 801, 805, 808 or 810 processor, then you’re going to love this charger. This is a Quick Charge 2.0 wall charger, which will charge your phone almost twice as fast. And who doesn’t love that? It’s an 18W charger, for those interested in the specs here. This is also compatible with the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5.

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CHOE 4-Port USB Car Charger


If two ports weren’t enough with the car charger listed above, how about four USB ports? That’s what CHOE has here with their Quick Charge 2.0 compatible car charger. However, only one of these ports does do Quick Charge 2.0. The other three are Intelligent ports, that talk with your device, and sends as much power as your smartphone can handle without being overpowered and getting damaged.

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CHOE 6-port USB Desktop Charger


For those times when just one charger isn’t enough. CHOE has a six-port desktop USB charger here that will allow you to charge six smartphones, or a mixture or smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets that charge over USB. And the best part about this is that it uses just one outlet. Definitely a huge advantage over the others available right now.

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