Holiday Gift Guide 2015 – 2016: Top 10 Best Internal Hard Drives

Internal Hard Drives Gift Guide 2015 2016

If you want to swap out your drives for your laptop or desktop, external drives won’t cut it and you’ll need an internal drive meant to fit inside of your machine. There are tons of different drives to choose from coming from multiple different brands, and if you’re on the lookout for yourself or for someone else as gift, here’s our list of the top 10 best internal drives for your computers.

OWC DIY 2TB Drive Upgrade Bundle For PS4OWC PS4 drive upgrade kit

Ok, so this isn’t exactly for your laptop or desktop, but since the drive can be swapped out inside of the PS4 and not a lot of people are tech savvy, this kit makes it easy to go through and swap the drive out with everything you need, and it comes with a 2TB drive to replace the 500GB drive already inside of the PS4. The drive itself is a Samsung/Seagate 2TB HDD in a 2.5″ size which is what you want for the console, as well as a screwdriver, and a black enclosure so you can take the older 500GB drive and transition it into an external drive for a laptop or desktop.

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Crucial BX100 250GB SATA 2.5″ SSDCrucial BX100

Just like external SSD’s, solid state drives for internal use can read and write much faster than your standard hard drives. This means programs open up faster and the computers boot up quicker than with a hard drive. This Crucial model has 250GB of space, and can get up to 535/370 MB/s for sequential reads and writes no matter what type of file. According to Crucial, this particular SSD is over 15 times faster than a standard hard drive, so if you’re looking for speed, this is a solid state drive to consider.

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WD Blue 1TB 7200rpm Desktop Hard DriveWD Blue 1TB drive

This is a 3.5″ drive from Wester Digital coming with 1TB of disk space with a rotation speed of 7200rpm. It’s integrated with WD’s intelliseek technology, which figures out the best seek speeds so it can minimize the amount of noise coming from the drive as well as minimize the power consumption and how much the drive vibrates during use. It comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty in case anything technologically goes wrong with it, and it features WhisperDrive which also helps to keep it running at an extremely low noise level. Note that this is just the drive and does not come with included screws or mounts for inside your PC tower.

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Seagate 1TB Laptop Gaming SSHDSeagate 1TB Laptop SSHD

Laptop’s aren’t always the easiest to upgrade parts for, but if you have the know-how and are in need of a better drive for your gaming needs, or just a faster drive, then you’ll want to consider this solid state hybrid drive from Seagate. It’s built specifically for laptops and has 1TB of storage space, and although not a traditional solid state drive, it doesn’t come along with the expense of one yet still boots up quickly and is still boasted at being five times faster than traditional hard drives, which is definitely something you’ll want for gaming. It also comes with a 3-year warranty just in case there are any technical issues with it.

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Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5″ SATA III Internal SSD91RjJcu+qtL._SL1500_

Now if you’re in the market for an actual SSD, consider checking out the 850 EVO from Samsung. It carries 500GB of space and since it’s a traditional solid state drive that means no moving parts and much faster operation compared to hard drives. As an added bonus, purchasing this drive gets you a free download copy of the new Assassin’s Cred Syndicate game for PC, and if you’re a gamer that’s a pretty awesome deal.

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Seagate 2TB Desktop Gaming SSHDSeagate 2TB Desktop SSHD

This is similar to the 1TB Laptop Gaming SSHD up above except it’s for a Desktop setup and it comes with 2TB of storage space instead of just 1TB. It boots up and performs five times faster than a traditional hard drive just like the 1TB laptop model, and it also comes with the same 3-year warranty should anything go wrong with it. While actual SSD’s are faster, this provides a large amount of storage space for less cost whereas an SSD of this capacity would be quite expensive. While this is also perfect for gaming rigs, it’s also perfect for handling any such task that’s demanding and intensive.

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WD Red 4TB NAS Desktop Hard DriveWD Red 4TB NAS drive

If you’re in need of a drive for use within an NAS system and not your traditional home PC, then check out the WD Red 4TB NAS Desktop hard drive which is built specifically for use in an NAS system. As with the WD internal drive on this list, this WD Red NAS drive does not come with the mounts or screws needed to attach the drive. The drive operates at a speed of 5400rpm and also comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty in case of technical defects.

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Samsung 850 EVO 1TB 2.5″ SATA III Internal SSD91RjJcu+qtL._SL1500_

This is exactly like the 500GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD above except it comes with double the storage at 1TB instead of 500GB. Just like the other SSD it also comes with a free download copy of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate for the gamers. If you’re looking for a drive which can help your machine boot up and operate much faster with plenty of storage space, this is it.

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Samsung Seagate 2TB SATA III Notebook Hard DriveSamsung Seagate SATA III Notebook Drive

Whether you need a new hard drive for your laptop or you simply want something to upgrade to, this Samsung Seagate SATA III drive comes with 2TB of space which is plenty of storage and much more than most laptops come with. It has a spindle speed of 5400rpm and is a 2.5″ size so it should fit in laptops just fine. This is meant for laptops but as it is a 2.5″ size it will also fit inside of the PS4 and is compatible with it.

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Seagate 3TB Desktop 3.5″ HDDSeagate 3TB HDD

Whether you need a new drive for your PC for day to day computing, or a drive for your own media server to store all your songs, movies, and photos, this drive from Seagate provides 3TB of storage which is plenty for most users. It has a spindle speed of 7200rpm and also comes in 4TB, 5TB, and 6TB sizes if 3TB isn’t quite enough for what you need. Should it encounter any technical defects within the first two years it would also be covered by the 2-year manufacturers warranty.

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