Holiday Gift Guide 2015-2016: Top 10 Best Headphones Over $100

Headphones Over 100 Gift Guide 2015

There are all sorts of options out there when it comes to headphones and earphones, and while there are even more value-for-money options out there, sometimes you need to get the absolute best – or as close as you can come to that. Luckily, you needn’t break the bank in doing just that. Whether you’re buying for longevity or best-in-class sound, our Gift Guide for the Top 10 Headphones Over $100 will have something for you.

RHA T20i

RHA T20i

We reviewed the RHA T20 earlier this year, and found them to be an excellent pair of in-ear headphones with some of the best overall sound no matter what you’re listening to. Specializing in detail and tight, thumping bass the T20i also have interchangeable sound filters for a different overall sound and they look great, too. With a carrying pouch and metal construction, these will last for ages and they have all kinds of different eartips included.

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V-MODA Crossfade M-100

V-Moda M100

V-MODA as a brand has been around for a long time now, and they continue to deliver striking designs with all the sound to match. They look great, sound great and they’ll well-made as well. Quality throughout, these are some of the best headphones around, and while they might be pricey, that price is certainly reflected in what’s included in the box as well as what you get out of them in terms of sheer fun.

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DUNU is a brand that many won’t have heard of, and that’s a real shame, because the DN2000 are some of the best in-ear headphones available anywhere. They’re clear, punchy, warm and precise all in equal measure. Besides the sound, these not only look premium, but the metal case will keep these safe and sound for years to come, plus all of the accessories you get with them will ensure that these will suit anybody’s ears and they sound so good you might not ever want to listen to another pair of in-ear headphones.

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Sennheiser HD650

Sennheiser HD650

On to something different is the HD650 from Sennheiser, and it’s clearly not something you’d wear on the street. Instead, this open-backed headphone leaks sound out from the drivers so it feels like you’re there and then with your favorite artists. These are definitely expensive, but if you know someone looking for a pair for gaming, listening to vinyl or CDs at home, then these will get the job done and then some.

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Master & Dynamic MH40

M+D MH40

If you know someone that is looking for something more street-worthy, the MH40 from Master & Dynamic are eye-catching and exquisitely-built headphones. They don’t leak sound and while they are a little heavy, this is only down to their solid, metal construction. Finished in real Lambskin leather, the MH40 are designed to last for decades, with replaceable parts aplenty. The good news is that they sound amazing as we found out in our review, they’re deep and rich with an intimate warmth you won’t find elsewhere. It helps that they’re designed in New York, New York.

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Sennheiser IE80

Sennheiser IE80

Another premium option from Sennheiser, the IE80 are immersive and well-made in-ear headphones that get the job done with a little flare all at the same time. With lots of accessories and a carrying case, these are good value for money if you’re willing to pay the extra for such a brand name. A great gift for someone looking for a pair of in-ear headphones without breaking the bank entirely, these sound great.

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Audio Technica ATH-M50x


A fan favorite, the M50x from Audio Technica are good-looking, portable and excellent-sounding headphones. With an emphasis on the low-end bass and warmer tones, these should please the majority of modern listeners – even that really picky friend you know. Of course, the headlining feature here is the interesting color options and detachable cables, making these suitable for studio work, the daily commute or longer listening sessions. They’re really comfy as well.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6

Beoplay H6

The H6 has become a very, very popular line of headphones for B&O and the Swedish brand has taken their time to bring such a product to market, and it’s really paid off. Available in a range of wicked colors, the H6 sounds great no matter what you listen to and they make the most of your music in comfort and style. They might be pricey, but they’re built to last.

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AKG K702

AKG K702

The K702 are another pair meant for either studio or home listening, because they leak out sound and well they’re so large that you wouldn’t wear these on the street anyway. Comfort to the max, the AKG K702 feel like wearing pillows and they have some of the best sound available at this sort of price. Affordable, comfortable and immersive, these are headphones for the discerning listener.

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Bose SoundTrue Ultra Comfort II

Bose SoundTrue Ultra II

Know someone that needs a pair of in-ear headphones that are comfortable above all else? Look no further than the masters of comfort, Bose. These newest versions of the SoundTrue Ultra Comfort sound much better and have an innovative little hook to keep them in place and a unique earbud design that doesn’t go too far into your ear. They sound great, look good, last for ages and they’re super-comfy.

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