Holiday Gift Guide 2015 – 2016: Top 10 Best Gadgets for Him

Gadgets for Him Gift Guide 2015

Shopping for guys can sometimes be a bit difficult. However, we have put together a great gift guide here with plenty of gifts for any guy. These gifts include drones, TV’s, set-top boxes, and much more. Let’s have a look.

DJI Phantom 3 Drone


Flying drones is pretty freaking cool. You can also get some really cool footage from cameras attached to these drones as well. This DJI Phantom 3 does have a camera below it that shoots in 4K, which brings some really amazing footage. Not to mention it has a 3-axis gimbal which keeps the Phantom 3 nice and stable when flying it.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tablet


This is Samsung’s latest high-end tablet, and it’s definitely a great gift to pick up. It’s available in both 9.7 and 8-inch variants with 32GB of storage and a microSD card slot. It’s great for watching movies, including YouTube videos and even just consuming media on the go. With it’s amazing Super AMOLED display.

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Sony PlayStation 4


The latest and greatest from Sony. The PlayStation 4 is a great gaming console to pick up. With tons of great games that are available (and not available on Xbox One) like Rocket League. Not to mention the fact the PlayStation 4 also doubles as a set-top box and a Blu-Ray player. Allowing you to watch Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix and More.

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UDC Quadcopter Drone


Here’s another great option for a drone to pick up as a gift. The UDI Quad-copter has a 6-axis system to stay stable while flying in the air, and it does quite well. Flying time is around 10 minutes, and it takes two hours to recharge the battery on the UDI Quad-copter.

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Garmin Vivofit


This is a great fitness tracker for keeping up with your daily activities. You can track your steps, exercises and much, much more. It does also have the option to have a heart rate monitor included which can see what your heart rate is and sync it with the app available for iOS and Android platforms.

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Ionic Quadcopter Drone


Ionic also has a nice quadcopter drone here which has a 2-megapixel camera included as well and can capture up to 1080p video. It uses a 6-axis remote control to keep things active. It also runs on the 2.4GHz band, so it can fly higher and still stay connected to the remote on the ground.

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Microsoft Band

microsoft band

Microsoft has a great fitness band here that can track just about everything. Not just your steps, running and more. Not only that, you can see incoming notifications, text messages and more. It does work with the Windows Mobile, Android and iOS platforms.

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VIZIO 43-Inch 4K Smart LED HDTV


Vizio has a great looking 43-inch 4K TV here that is also smart. Although, you’ll likely never use the “smart” features of the Vizio TV. It does include 5 HDMI ports, so enough for your cable box, Chromecast, Xbox One and anything else you want to plug into the TV. The remote control also has a full QWERTY keyboard included.

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Roku 4 Set-top Box


Roku is the king in terms of set-top boxes, and their newest set-top box here in the Roku 4 brings in 4K resolution for streaming Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus and so much more. There are also plenty of other channels and apps available on Roku so you can replace your cable or satellite provider with Roku. Definitely a great feature.

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Sony XBR43X830C 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD


This TV from Sony isn’t just any TV. It’s a 4K TV, but it is also an Android TV. So it has Android TV built in, allowing you to play YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and so many more apps on your TV. As well as being able to play games through Android TV. Not to mention that this is a beautiful 43-inch 4K TV here.

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