Holiday Gift Guide 2015 – 2016: Top 10 Best Computer Mice


Whether you use a laptop or a desktop, from time to time, or perhaps all the time depending on your preference, a mouse is a needed accessory when it comes to interacting with your computer. There are so many options out there though that you may wonder which ones are the best options. Maybe the mouse isn't for you, but a gift for someone else. Whatever the case, here's our list of the top 10 best mice for computers.

Logitech MX Master Wireless MouseLogitech MX Master

If you need a mouse that has more than just your typical set of features, Logitech's MX Master Wireless Mouse is an option you should be considering. Aside from being wireless which is already a huge benefit, it also has a scroll wheel that adapts to different speed uses, allowing you to be more efficient with your computing with the capability to move between click-to-click and -hyper-fast scrolling. It has multiple connection types to allow for a simple interface with multiple machines, and it's incredibly accurate sensors allow for use on tons of different surfaces, including glass so there's no need for a mouse pad. If that isn't enough, it lasts up to 40 days on a single charge so you'll hardly ever have to recharge the battery.


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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic MouseMicrosoft Sculpt

If you work off the computer most of the day, having a mouse that's comfortable just as much as it is functional is important. That's what Microsoft is aiming for with the Sculpt Mouse. It's design is such that it maximizes wrist comfort so you can work without worrying you're putting too much strain on your wrists. It has a few tricks too, of course, like the 4-way scroll wheel navigation, and the dedicated Windows button for one-touch access back to the start screen.

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Amazon Basics Wireless MouseAmazon Basics Wireless Mouse

The name here says it all. It's a basic mouse for basic needs. If you just need something simple, the Amazon Basics wireless mouse is highly rated and won't cost you a whole lot. The tiny nano receiver is used to connect it wirelessly to multiple computers, and when it's not in use you can pack into the bottom of the mouse in a nifty little compartment.

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Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming MouseLogitech G602

This list wouldn't be complete without at least one gaming mouse. Gamers use their computers for stuff other than games, but that doesn't mean they want to use a non-gaming mouse. If you or someone you know fits into that category the Logitech G602 is worth looking into. It has excellent battery life of up to 250 hours so you can play and work for lengthy periods before switching out for new AA batteries, a number of programmable buttons so you can access all your abilities in-game on the fly, and it works with both Windows and Mac.


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Logitech M185 Wireless MouseLogitech M185

Much like the Amazon Basics mouse, the Logitech M185 wireless mouse is meant for those who don't need anything fancy but simply need something easy to use. The wireless dongle plugs right into any open USB ports, it has a contoured shape for comfort and is fairly lightweight and compact to make it ideal for travel use too.

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Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth MouseMicrosoft Arc Touch

Sometime portability is king, and this is one area where the Arc Bluetooth mouse from Microsoft shines. It's extremely compact to make it easy to bring along anywhere. Instead of a scroll wheel it uses touch technology for a scroll touch sensitive functionality, and it's flexible to take on a contoured fit within your hand. It's also compatible with Windows PC's as well as the Surface tablets.

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Logitech MX Wireless MouseLogitech MX Wireless Mouse

Similar to the MX Master from the beginning of this list, the Logitec MX takes on an ergonomic design for comfortable use, with wireless connectivity, as well as hyper-fast scrolling and a few keys on the side for fast switching between web pages and documents.


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Apple Magic MouseApple Magic Mouse

If you use a Mac laptop or desktop, there might be no better option for a mouse than the Apple Magic Mouse. it connects to your machine via Bluetooth, and with it's unique design it has no buttons on board for a sleek look and it's rather small for easy portability.

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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth MouseMicrosoft Sculpt Comfort

Not too unlike the other model of the Sculpt mouse, the Sculpt Comfort is uniquely designed to fit in the palm for use without putting too much stress on your wrist. It has a dedicated Windows button for fast access to the start screen, 4-way scroll, and thanks to the Blue Track technology it works on mostly any surface.

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Logitech M510 Wireless MouseLogitech M510

Another simple option from Logitech, the M510 offers up wireless connectivity to your PC or Mac via the tiny USB dongle and its small enough to be rotatable but large enough to still be comfortable to use. The contoured shape should add comfort when holding it, and the easy access side buttons provide multi-functional use for things like moving backward and forward between pages. The mouse also features a 2-year battery life so it will be quite a while before you need to replace the batteries.


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