Holiday Gift Guide 2015-2016: Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50

Bluetooth Speakers Gift Guide 2015

One of the markets that has seen the biggest growth in recent years is that of Bluetooth technology and speakers. The good side of this means that there has never been more of a selection to choose from when looking for a new Bluetooth speaker. The downside of this is that sometimes the choice on offer can be a little overwhelming. Do you choose, big, small, Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth 4.1, rugged, waterproof, the options are endless. Of course, price will always be a factor when it comes to Bluetooth speakers, but that does not men that you have to pay more than you need to for a new speaker. If you are in the market for a Bluetooth speaker and especially for one which wont cost too much, then here are ten options you should check out. All of these speakers are good sellers and more importantly are available for under $50.

JBL Clip

JBl Clip

One of the best Bluetooth speakers that you can currently buy for under $50 is the JBL Clip. Although, JBL is a company that is associated with quality, does not mean they are automatically a company associated with price. The JBL Clip is a very small but high performing speaker that offers up to 5 hours of playback in-between charges. Not to mention, offers hands-free calling too and is available in a wide selection of colors.

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OontZ Curve

If you are looking for a bit more of an unusual form factor then the OontZ Curve is certainly one to check out. This is a very small Bluetooth speaker measuring 2.9-inches x 2.6-inches x 2.9 inches and as the name suggests, its curved. This one is available in a variety of colors and is light enough to be used or taken anywhere. Great option for those who need something small and light and Bluetooth enabled.

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SoundBot SB510


If you are looking for a really cheap speaker than it is time to check out the SoundBot SB510. This is designed for use in the shower or bathroom and comes with a suction pad so it can be stuck to the wall, glass or tiles. In fact, these are so cheap when it comes to Bluetooth speakers, you could actually pick up a few of them

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Anker Classic

Anker Classic

The Anker Classic Bluetooth Speaker is another option which is designed to ensure you get the power you want, with the battery you want and at the price you want. Coming equipped with a 4-watt driver and a 2,100 mAh battery, this one will play for ages before needing to be charged again. Great option to go for if you want a little more bass for you buck.

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Venstar Taco

Venstar taco

The Venstar Taco is an unusual speaker. For instance, it is the only speaker on this list which is shaped like a taco. However, it is also one of the ones which will give you quite a lot of power for the money. This one uses its Taco shape to deliver a better sound from its dual 3-watt speakers. This one also comes equipped with NFC to ensure that you can always stay connected and keep the music coming.

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Inateck BTSP-10


The Inateck BTSP-10 is always a popular option for those looking for a new Bluetooth speaker. Not only because it is one of the better quality audio products on this list but also because it is a very affordable speaker and one which just makes it on to the list price-wise. Offering dual 3-watt drivers and a 2,000 mAh battery. This one will keep the party going for some time.

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DKnight Magicbox

MagicBox 2

Another popular option for those looking for something on the budget has always been the DKnight Magicbox. Well, this is the next generation, Magicbox 2. This one is the same size as the Magicbox but with an increased total 10-watt output, thanks to the inclusion of dual 40 mm drivers. This one also comes with a big 2000 mAh battery to offer up to 10 hours of playback in-between charges. Great option for those who like the original Magicbox.

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Omaker M4

Omaker M4

The Omaker M4 is one of the best selling budget Bluetooth speakers on the market and with good reason. As well as being able to connect to your device using Bluetooth and NFC, this one is also built to withstand the elements. The Omaker M4 is IP54 rated and is splash-proof, shock-proof and dust-proof. Meaning you can use this one wherever you want or need. Great all round option for the money.

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Photive Hydra

photive hydra

For many reasons, the Photive Hydra is much like the Omaker M4. Again, this is a very popular option and again, this is one built for the elements. However, this one is IP66 rated and designed to be waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof. Which make this another ideal solution for those looking for a more rugged speaker. Not to mention, this one comes with dual 40 mm drivers and a passive subwoofer. Another great all round option.

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AmazonBasics Bluetooth

You might be surprised to learn that Amazon offers a generic brand of products, but you shouldn’t be. Amazon has been making a push of late with their own brand electronics and at the top end do pretty well with tablets and their Fire range of devices. Well, if you are after a cheap Bluetooth speaker, then there is always the AmazonBasics Bluetooth speaker. This one comes equipped with dual 3-watt speakers and also offers hands free calling. Not to mention, this one is said to offer up to 15 hours of playback. Not bad for a generic product, right?

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