Holiday Gift Guide 2015-2016: Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

Bluetooth Speakers Gift Guide 2015

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, it can sometimes feel like there are two clear routes you can go down. The first is the premium route where everything is premium including the price. Then there is the budget route where everything is budget including the price. However, in spite of this duality approach to the market, it is worth knowing that the middle ground is where the real battle between the manufacturer’s is being had. Trying to bring to market a good Bluetooth speaker while making sure the price stays under that magic $100 marker has led to a number of really good and really affordable speakers coming through. Although, with so many coming up the ranks it can be difficult to know which to go for. Well, if you are in the market for a Bluetooth speaker which does not pass the $100 price sticker then here are the top 10 options you should consider.

JBL Flip 3

JBL Flip 3

The Flip 3 is the latest generation of the Flip Bluetooth speakers from JBL. As such, this is one that comes on the back of tried and tested products. The Flip 2 was one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers in this price bracket and it looks likely that the Flip 3 will follow suit. The Flip 3 is built to withstand the elements and comes encased in a rugged and splash-proof exterior. Not to mention, this one comes sporting a 3,000 mAh battery to ensure the party goes on as long as you want it too.

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Braven BRV-1


BRAVEN in another name many will already be familiar with and the BRAVEN BRV-1 continues to be a popular yet powerful option. Once again, this one is built for the elements and comes with splash-proof qualities. Inside, you are looking at dual 3-watt channels with a 70 mm passive subwoofer and all backed up by a 1,400 mAh battery.

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SHARKK Boombox


Next on the list is the SHARKK Boombox and for those who are looking for really long battery life, this is the one to go for as the SHARKK is rated to offer up to 18 hours of playback in between charges. Not to mention, it’s pretty powerful as well and comes equipped with 10-watt total output dual speakers.

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UE MINI BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black


The UE Mini Boom is an option which continuously receives good praise for both its sound quality and performance. This is partly thanks to (in spite of being quite small) the Mini Boom coming equipped with two 1.5-inch drivers which are coupled with a 1.5-inch passive radiator. Battery life is pretty good as well with the UE Mini Boom offering up to 10 hours of playback in between charges.

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JBL Flip 2

JBL Flip 2

Although, the Flip 3 has now been released and is on this list, that does not mean that the Flip 2 is any less of a speaker. This is still one of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy in this price range. The Flip 2 is equipped with dual 40 mm drivers over two 6-watt channels, as well as a bass port to help push those low frequencies. Not forgetting, this one comes with 2,000 mAh battery.

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OontZ XL Bluetooth Speaker

OontZ XL

If you’re looking for a bigger speaker within this price bracket, then the OontZ XL is one to check out. This is a big speaker and comes in at 10-inches in length. As a result it has room to include three passive radiators as well as dual 2.25-inch drivers. Not to mention the battery life is not bad either with up to 10 hours of continuous playback on offer.

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Anker Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to battery life, you are literally unlikely to find a Bluetooth speaker in this price range, from a reputable company, offering more power. The Anker Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker comes equipped with a massive 6,200 mAh battery which is said to offer up to 24-hours of continuous playback. Not to mention, the dual 5-watt speakers and bass port will make sure that playback is of a decent quality.

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UE Roll 360


If all the speakers here are staring to look a little too much the same then it is time to check out the UE Roll 360. This one comes with a much more unique form factor which is designed to explode the sound from all angles. However, this is not just an attractive speaker as it is built to be durable too. This one comes with an IPX7 rating for waterproof and will offer up to 9 hours of playback. So all in all a unique and durable option.

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Ivation Acoustix Bluetooth Speaker

Ivation Acoustix

If durability is what you are after, then it is also worth checking out the Ivation Acoustic. This is classed as an all-terrain Bluetooth speaker and again comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating. Not to mention this one floats too. Battery life is again rated to offer up to 7 hours of playback and this one also comes with built-in FM Radio for good measure.

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AmazonBasics Large Bluetooth Speaker

AmazonBasics Large Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon may not be known for their Bluetooth speakers but don’t let that fool you. The AmazonBasics range of Bluetooth speakers are great choices for the money. On offer in this price bracket is the Large Bluetooth speaker which comes equipped with dual 5-watt drivers and a battery which is designed to offer up to 8 hours of playback in between charges. Not to mention, its larger size will help to offer a bit more of a bassy sound.

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