Grim Survival Title 'This War Of Mine' Hits Smartphones At $6.99

With most war-related titles, gameplay is usually based on strategy games like Total War or first-person/third-person shooters. This War Of Mine from 11-Bit Studios is neither, and instead of putting you in the seat of someone who is in the war, it focuses on the ones forgotten. The people affected by the aftermath of ever explosion, firefight, and raid. The citizens who inhabit now desolate towns ravaged by war. The gameplay is based on survival and has you making sometimes moral decisions that will test your resolve and ultimately drive the direction of the game, and while it gets pretty dark at times, it's also been hailed as one hell of a game that tasks you with peering deep into the darkness of war from a civilian perspective.

Up until now, the game has only been available on tablets with its time on the Android platform, but as of yesterday 11-Bit Studios finally launched the game with smartphone support, meaning you can have your crack at this game if you haven't been able to do so by any other means. Prior to its launch on Android and iOS, the game was available on Steam for the PC, so this is by no means a new game in that sense, it will be new to those who play smartphone games, however, who wish to experience the kinds of challenges that lie within.

As part of a celebration for launching the game for smartphones, 11-Bit Studios is making the game available at a special launch promotion price of $6.99, which is half off what the original cost will be. That means it's eventually going to jump back up to $14.99. Even at that price it's worth it, but those who are interested to see what the game is all about might as well save some money where they can, and there's no detail on how long the launch promotion price will last. Those who have played this before and are simply looking forward to having this on a more pocket-friendly device, much of the game is the same, rather all of it, but the interface has been specifically designed from scratch for smaller screen devices, so things may look a little different that you may be used to.

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