Google's Nexus 5X Appears Up for Sale in Parts of Europe

Despite the fact that the nexus line of smartphones have been around for years now, they've been fairly difficult to get hold of - for reasonable prices that is - in parts of Europe for some time now. Those across the pond in the UK end up being able to pay only a little over the odds for new Nexus hardware, and they often get them at the same time as we do in the US. For those on the Continent in Europe however, it can often be much more difficult to get a Nexus device from a proper channel without paying well over the odds for it. For those looking at the Nexus 5X however, things might be getting a little better.

As some have reported, it appears as though the Nexus 5X has gone up for pre-order across parts of Europe, with devices said to ship around November 9th. For the 16GB version, prices seem to be €479 or €529 for the 32GB version. Neither of these prices is cheap, and while Google is throwing in free shipping, it's still disappointing to see that they haven't got their head around the European market just yet. Some countries are being offered a free Chromecast 2 with their order as well, which is nice, but there doesn't appear to be any sort of hard and fast rule on which territories get the freebie or not.

While it's disappointing to see that Google is still selling Nexus devices for much more than they cost in the US, it is encouraging to see that the Nexus 5X is available at the very least. We have to think that this has more to do with LG than it does the Search Giant however, as LG were distributing the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 on their own throughout Europe at one point. As some have suggested, it might actually be cheaper to get a Nexus 5X through carrier store or to import from elsewhere. Needless to say, these are steep prices for a Nexus device that, while being a good device overall. is a little more 2014 than 2015.

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